Steps on Relocating to Canada

Steps on Relocating to Canada

Advertisements Steps on Relocating to Canada   Relocating to a new country is a significant life decision that requires careful planning and consideration. Canada, with its diverse culture, stunning landscapes, and high quality of life, has become an attractive destination for individuals and families seeking a fresh start. However, the process of moving to Canada … Read more

Science Made Simple: How Do Particle Accelerators Work?

Advertisements From United States Department of Energy June 11, 2023 Particle accelerators are instrumental machines that propel elementary particles such as electrons or protons to high energies. Their discoveries have a significant impact on numerous areas, including scientific research, product development, medical treatment and national security. Particle accelerators, machines that accelerate elementary particles, are critical … Read more

Researchers split phonons in step towards a new type of linear mechanical quantum computer

Advertisements Artist’s impression of a platform for linear quantum mechanical computing (LMQC). The central transparent element is a phonon beam splitter. The blue and red marbles represent individual phonons, which are the collective mechanical motions of quadrillions of atoms. These mechanical motions can be visualized as surface acoustic waves entering the beam splitter from opposite … Read more

Exotic matter discovered: Physicists stumble upon a material composed of bosons

Advertisements Scientists have discovered a new state of matter, called a bosonic correlated insulator, through the interaction of bosonic particles called excitons. This research could pave the way for new insights into condensed matter physics and the creation of new bosonic materials. Take a lattice a flat section of a grid of uniform cells, such … Read more

5.8 trillion degrees: Getting to the bottom of when the smallest meson melts

Advertisements From United States Department of Energy June 11, 2023 A heavy bottom quark (b) and an anti-bottom quark bonded together form a low-temperature meson called bottomonium. Bottomoniums can melt at higher temperatures. Credit: Brookhaven National Laboratory Scientists’ calculations indicate that bottomonium mesons, made up of a bottom quark and its antimatter counterpart, require temperatures … Read more

Stagnation Point Flow Investigation of Micropolar Viscoelastic Fluid with Modified Fourier and Ficks Law Scientific Reports

Advertisements Here we consider a constant flow, 2D incompressible, stagnation point of a second degree micropolar fluid on a stretch surface with modified heat and mass flow. To examine aspects of mass heat transport, the effects of thermal radiation and activation energy are considered. Furthermore, thermal and stratification boundary conditions are implemented on the sheet … Read more

White dwarf star enters its era of crystallization, turning into a ‘cosmic diamond’

Advertisements   To us, stars can look like carved jewels, shimmering cool against the velvety darkness of the night sky. And for some of them, that might actually be true. As a certain type of dead star cools, it gradually hardens and crystallizes. Astronomers have found one that does just that in our cosmic backyard, … Read more

Science Made Simple: What are Neutrons?

Advertisements   From United States Department of Energy June 10, 2023 Neutrons, subatomic particles found in every atom except hydrogen, are used in scientific research for the non-destructive analysis of materials through a method called neutron scattering. Discovered in 1932 and naturally occurring due to cosmic rays and terrestrial radioactivity, neutron contributions have extended to … Read more

Stephen Hawking wanted scientists to “create black holes” on Earth. Physics says it is possible.

Advertisements ‘I hope you’ll create black holes,’ Stephen said with a broad smile. We emerged from the dumbwaiter that had taken us underground to the five-story cavern that housed the ATLAS experiment at the CERN laboratory, the legendary European Organization for Nuclear Research near Geneva. CERN’s director general, Rolf Heuer, shuffled his feet uneasily. It … Read more